Woodcraft - Wall Street Click Pen kit (Rating: 5)

I wanted to give a thumbs up to Woodcraft's customer service. Here's my story.

I have bought many pen kits from Woodcraft and over the last year I've been trying to find a click pen kit that my wife would like. Most pens are too big and heavy for her. I bought a couple Wall Street click pen kits and everything went OK until I tested them after assembly. One of them stopped working very quickly. The pen wouldn't stay extended. The same thing happened on a specialty wrench pen I bought a couple kits for.

The pen pictured is not the one I made but it is the same model. I posted a complaint on the woodcraft website and within days I had an email from them offering to help. In the end I got the mechanisms to replace the non-working ones. I was pleased they cared enough to do that. Thanks to the folks at Woodcraft.