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hello everyone,

I (very) recently picked up some old timber from a house that was been renovated. I was having a look at it and I saw this bug on it.
Just wanted to know what it is and if it is a danger to our house or my other wood.

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Don't remember ever seeing one of those.

You might check with your local supplier and see if they know.

thanks scrappy. will do
Hey Brody,
If your wood suplier doesn't know, My daughter sugested a nursery/landscape place. They might know also.

Good luck

Try you agricultural extension agent. Give one of the critters and he'll tell you what it is.
Hey Brody,
That is one of Degooses pests from Queensland… know the Cane Toads mob…....these things are on the march to N.S.W…......sooooooooo…..........squish it before it gets to propagate.
so its like a cane toad lavea? (terminoligy?)
Doesn,t look like any wood bug I ever saw in OZ. Reckon it,ll be ok but try this link here. Just email them a pic.
ooo that bugs me
Thanks everybody,

kiwi1969- i have actually emailed that site a few days ago, havent recieved reply yet
Looks more like a hemiptera a.k.a true bug. Closley realated to stink bugs. Most of these guys either eat (more aptly drink) other bugs or sap from leaves. wood should be safe from these guys as their mouth parts are made like a needle for drinking sap or other bodily fluids but not adapted for chewing at wood fiber, so I'd say no need to worry about it.

Thanks justin.
that makes me feel better
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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