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I have been looking for champhor wood, can anyone help me, I wood like a rather large piece, approx.
8 inches x 12 inches x 10 inches. I live in Zephyrhills Florida. I'm stummped on finding any. Thanks to all.
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I bought a few pieces of camphor from a home owner in Fl who took out a tree. But nothing of the size you want.
Thank-you, I carved a horse-head and three elk a few years ago and used this wood, I liked it , and it turned out very nice. thanks-again.
I ran across some camphor veneer a few years ago and veneered a built-in bar in our game room. I used a four piece book match in the center of two rectangular doors which produced an exquisite pattern. Because the grain is so randomly directional, the resulting pattern is quite unique. Also, it's really neat to work with because of the smell.

I have been looking for camphor (either solid or veneer) ever since and not once have been able to locate any of it. Last weekend at the AWFS show in Vegas, I ran across a vendor from Taiwan selling large sheets of Chinese Camphor which were outstanding and almost identical to what I had originally used. The only problem is was that it was a direct import program only. I got to talking to one of the people there and they said that they would advise me if they could refer me to a current, domestic customer of the product but that it would be after the show was over and they returned to their offices. I'll post if I get any information from them.
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thanks, I'm really looking for the solid block, I found this one large piece in a wood carving store in Central Florida, Winterhaven or something like that. thanks again.
I know where you can get some… fancy a trip to austrailia?...

these things grow everywhere where I live.
these have actually been declared a weed in some states and the council is bulldozing them and burning them.

a sawmiller that i know has a whole big shed full of camphor laurel turning blanks
thanks, I'll fill up my gas tank on my vehicle and i'll be right over…......Ha ha, thanks
HI have you tried, woodfinder .com or I also live in fl. try jims hardwood lumber in lakeland.
thank-you very much for the info, I am going to Lakeland General to visit a friend this weekend or Monday, I'll stop in at JIm's, thanks again.
Man that is some of the prettiest wood I have ever seen!
thanks for the info…..
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