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wood working meets stop-action photography

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Let me start by saying this is NOT MY video. A photographer I know of posted this. I can't help but love it as it combines my love for wood working and my love for photography. Maybe one day I can create something like this…
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...that was pretty incredible.

Think I will put this video on a loop and play it 24/7 in the shop for my machinery and see if they can learn how to do this by themselves. Guess I'll need to buy a Nanny-Cam now.

Thanks for sharing. - Grandpa Len.

Work Safely and have Fun.
Pretty cool video….thanks for sharing
That was good, I loved the sound effects.
Thanks for sharing this. It was pretty amazing and creative. The sound effects were great, especially the clamps.
Very well put together. I watched the making of the stop motion video too. Very good use of technology. He didn't say how long it took compared to straight woodworking, nor how many individual pictures went into the video, but I appreciate the final products (chair and video). Thanks for posting!
Excellent Video. I believe Fine Woodworking picked this up as well.
Frank Howarth ( ) does some incredible work, both with the tools in his shop and with his camera. Check him out!
Sheila posted that on the video forum.
Really well done.
wow. nice chairs!

but touche for the insanely hard and long work/time/settings to make this video! well done!
Awesome video, shop and chair.
Great video of how it was done. Nice to see behind the wizards curtain.
I also would have liked to hear how long it took to put this much work together….....................
VERY IMAGINATIVE !!!! Cool, I like it . But when do we get to see the shop elves clean up?
Frank did a followup video that describes how he did it:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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