Wood River - woodriver #6 (Rating: 5)

So, I got home. Cleaned the oil off of the plane and checked it out. Very impressed. Granted I am moving up from a Old Miller Falls plane, Impressed none the less.

The fit and finish of this plane is very nice. The handles are super comfortable. Pushing it along the wood just feels right and is effortless.

Right out of the box the blade was really sharp. I achieved shavings no problem. The back was very flat and needed minor working. Actually while working the back it was actually hard to push from the suction. Anyways a quick hone on 8000 grit water stone and it sings.

I know understand the "Magic" that everyone seems to talk about. Shavings just under .001"

Bottom line, I'm not a pro by any means, obviously, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this plane. I did have a chance to try some LN planes at an event they hosted at a local woodworking supply store. Not saying it is the same plane, but feels and works pretty darn close.