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Wood recommendations for picture frame to be sprayed satin black?

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After seeing the prices at a frame shop, I'm making a float frame for the customer of one of my pictures.

It's going to be spray painted satin black. Is there a reason not to use the maple I already have? The cost of the wood doesn't matter for such a small amount.

This is probably something I'll be doing a fair amount, so I'd like to streamline the process as much as possible.

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If you have maple use it. If you are going to make more than you might want to switch to a less expensive wood like poplar or alder. Before painting I would first seal the wood with a coat or two of de-waxed shellac like Zinssers seal coat. It dries fast and with a light sanding after is drys (about 30+ minutes) to take care of any raised wood fibers or dust in the finish. Then spray with the paint of choice.
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