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Wood recommendations for picture frame to be sprayed satin black?

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After seeing the prices at a frame shop, I'm making a float frame for the customer of one of my pictures.

It's going to be spray painted satin black. Is there a reason not to use the maple I already have? The cost of the wood doesn't matter for such a small amount.

This is probably something I'll be doing a fair amount, so I'd like to streamline the process as much as possible.

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I'm working on some frames that pretty closely match your description of what you are trying to build. My pictures are prints on metal substrate, but other than that the floating frame look is what I'm going for, and they will be black. I'm using poplar because it is more stable than some other hardwoods and I have a bunch left over from some other projects. I like the way the poplar machines and how well it takes paint plus it is easier on my cutting edges than other hardwoods.
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