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Wood movement is real and don't skip the dry run

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When I lived in Colorado, I made a bunch of cam clamps out of hickory and Jarrah. They worked great for several years. Last fall I retired to the South Carolina low country. Today I was getting ready to do a glue-up and during the dry run, all of my cam clamps were stuck.
In Colorado, the humidity rarely got over 30% and was often in the single digits. Here in the low country, the humidity is in the 70's. All the shafts on my cam clamps had swelled up enough to lock themselves in place.
After some passes with a card scraper and some more than gentle persuasion with a mallet, I managed to get all the clamps in working order.

I'm so glad I did the dry run of the glue-up, it could have been a disaster.

BTW, the project is a pair of Jefferson writing desks for my granddaughters. Started them last summer and am finally getting to put the pieces together.
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RH is a bit*$! Pics of the desk progress??
Yup, when my parents moved from a very humid climate to a very dry one some of the furniture split.
Hickory tends to move a bit anyway. But in high humidity climates like here in the south? yeesh…
I miss the mold-and-mildew-less dry air of Alaska.
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