Wood Magazine - 3 in 1 bed for all ages -plan (Rating: 2)

I have completed the crib for my first grandson made to the Wood Magazine 3 in 1 crib plans. The plan for the bed itself was well done except it calls for using connector bolts and barrel nut system made by Products America. These are long bolts with a 1/4-20 thread that gets screwed into these little barrel nuts. The good news is I got 6 of the 8 nuts and bolts assembled which took over 3 hours of fiddling in the shop. The last 2 absolutely refuse to assemble. I had my son in law help me and he said he would just keep the baby bed assembled and never convert it to the juvenile bed or the adult bed if he had to use the barrel nuts. I don't blame him a bit as there is no way a normal human can assemble this bed. Now in defense of the manufacturer, there is nothing wrong with the product but my ability to drill accurate holes is nowhere near what is required for this bolt system though I used a drill press and drill fixtures to drill all the holes.
So now my dilemma. How to assemble this bed using a system that mere mortals can use. For instance I would expect my daughter to be able to assemble the bed with minimal tools in 15 to 20 minutes.
I would not recommend to anyone to build this kit using the Products America connector bolts and barrel nuts. I would otherwise give the kit instructions a 4 star rating if you use some other system.