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I recently inhereted an old tool box and came across a box of "wood joiners" which look like corrugated roofing material with a sharpened edge….how do I use these things!
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a pic might help… sounds like a scraper… but can't say for sure.
Kevin take some pics so we can see what you have there ok
Hey Kevin
these type of connectors were usually pounded into wood on edge at the corners to hold corners together usually used on soft woods like pine on projects like window screens.
These connectors were great YEARS (DECADES) ago, now they are pretty much useless unless you know how to use them. Jim is right, they were used a LOT for screen windows back in the day, some still do. They are also great for splitting the wood, if not used right. Basically they are a big headache, compared to today's fasteners.
!C:\Documents and Settings\Kevin Rifkin\My Documents\My Pictures(Wood Joiners)! I hope i did this right - it's my first posting
Yes combining two woods across a joint. Jim is right. A box with a red label if I'm right. I might have a box in some of my stuff.
Kevin the picture needs to be in an internet location like flickr or picasso.

You can't post a picture from your hard drive.
Hey Kevin
Here's a how too on photo's from an earlier post

Photo bucket

Posting a picture it pretty easy.
1 Go sign up at
2 upload your picture
3 Cut and paste their direct link of your picture to your blog with an exclamation point at each end with no spaces.
Thanks it. 640 width is what will fit on the screen.
example: !test photo link!
I think most of the guys have explained their use pretty well. They were like a carpenter's baling wire. And if you don't know, in the farm communities, everything used to be held together with hay baling wire. And that's been replaced by duct tape.
Here's the ones that I found in my shop. It turns out I have 4 boxes. two different sizes.

These must cost 35 cents a box.

There were also the corrugated roofing style.
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Those aren't the nasty ones I remember Karson. :))
I also remember the corrugated ones that were sharpened on one edge.!

i hope this helps you guys because the ones Karson have and the ones i have arent the same; kinda sounds like your latest post Karson
I remember them well very good for splitting wood and smashing fingers bu not much else. hang on to them in a few decades they might be worth something on the antiques roadshow
Hey Kevin Those were the little guys I was thinking about.
IT's interesting. I was at Lowes over the weekend and they had celo baqs of both of those fasteners for sale.

So I guess they are still around causing homeowners problems and solutions.
They are also used for picture frames in production. Most commonly used for holding miter joints. I believe you have to have a special (staple type) gun to shoot them in. Otherwise you just hit them in with a hammer.
no offence ,
but in the day ,
they were known as
"jew nails "
i still use them at times ,
and yes , senco made a pnewmatic for similar fasteners ,
but its hard to find now .
i worked in a cab shop that had one ,
crosscut , glue , clamp , and shoot 2 into the joint ,
for fast face frames .

i just googled senco , the sc2 corrugated fastener is still available ,
it shoots 1/4,3/8, 1/2 inch fasteners for production work ,
you cant beat it , you soon learn how not to shoot them and then it doesn't split the wood .
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David (Patron)

I have been on the search for years trying to find someone who knows why they were called "Jew Nails" Do you know?

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