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Wood Identification

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Mystery Solved: Grey Elm

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I don't know if you can tell by these pictures but does anyone have any ideas about what type of wood this might be?

My aunt was storing it for my cousin (who died this past year) and now she has given the wood to me.

Thanks for your help, everyone.
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It may help if you could scrape off a section, or plane it, then take a pic. That way we can see what it would look like freshly sawn.
It's very interesting - going to make a lot of pens lol - but no idea what it is! Sorry
Interesting wood hard to identify
Yes, no doubt about it, definitely the rare and highly prized Dan Quale "potatoe" wood.
"How about petrified sweet potato LOL"

LOL…beat me to it..I was thinking the same thing as I looked at the pics.
It sure DOES look like a potato. I'd like to see a scraped off section as well….
ok. I'll see what I can do about more pix.
Rick is making a little bowl out of the wood. Here are some photos

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Debbie can't tell you what wood it is but looking at the little bowl when you oil it its going to ping all over the place it's going to look stunning can't wait now LOL….........

Looks like the root of a hardwood, what grows locally?
Judging from your first pix, my most serious academic colleagues and I have painstakingly examined auntie's stunning gift and our official conclusion: Giagantis Canine Bonea.
we have everything here re: types of trees :)
Perhaps I'll never know.

Canine Bonea…. Potato Wood.. yah.. that's it :)
"Elephant Leg Ivory"
Was your cousin ever in the Navy? I think he may be the guy that stole my wooden leg. ARRRRGGGGHH!
MsDebbie, I had a piece much smaller that looked a lot like that. I can't tell you what kind exactly, but I think it's one of those old, gnarly, vine type things that grows at water's edge on a stream or lake…?
looks like we are narrowing it down! :)
Hey Karson, I was thinking the same thing, lol
... reminds me of the pieces of driftwood my wife picks up from time to time. Or, as someone mentioned.. a root piece. She wants me to do something with them… so I put them in the garden and in a few years nature has converted them to composted mulch. Can't even guess whether this piece is softwood are hardwood… maybe the real experts need to sniff and touch.
1 - 20 of 48 Posts
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