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Hi everyone,

I was recently gifted these two pieces of hard wood by a neighbor leaving town. He thought one of them was "Ironwood" but really couldn't remember.
They are both extremely hard. The more figured piece looks a little like mahogany but is certainly not.
Any help would be appreciated in identifying the species.
Thanks for looking!

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The darker, heavier piece:

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The heavy figure on piece #1 will make identification more challenging. But the heavy interlocking is less common, and will help.
The figure reminds me of a Satinwood or Wattle species. Ironwood is Wattle species, but most of the ironwood I see in AZ does not have pink tones? The color reminds me of Sissoo, or Indian Rosewood. It is grown as an ornamental landscape tree in SW US, and commonly milled by urban sawyers. It has a distinct flowerly smell, but much weaker than regular rosewood; making it easy to miss.

Piece #2 has different color tones, and is not from same tree; is likely not same species. Color looks more like the ironwood I have seen, but ironwood tends to have large contrasting sapwood ring; which is missing on your sample? Ironwood is uniquely heavy/hard, and density will usually give it away.

Need to sand/plane surface to expose fresh wood. Then can check color/odor for more hints.

When I am attempting to determine unknown lumber species, I use these two sites:
Wood Filter | The Wood Database
HobbitHouse Wood ID site

Best Luck.
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