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Wood ID

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I don't know if the pictures do justice but I'm trying to put a name to this wood type. It's from my barn dating to 1932. I'm sure it's not pine, color and smell are wrong
Thanks, Chris


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In 1932 a barn would have been built of local wood. It is likely that the wood is still grown in Beaverton, Michigan. What choices does that leave you with? I was born in 1932 but that doesn't qualify me to answer your question.
After you have gotten ten different opinions on the identity of the wood, how will you determine which is correct? Will it matter if you are wrong?
I recall trying to identify a piece of wood I bought at a wood working shop in Nicaragua. I asked the owner the name of the wood. "Cenisaro," he said, and he wrote the name on a piece of paper. After returning home I took it into a local exotic wood store and told them the name. "That means 'ashtray' in Spanish," they said. They guessed it was some variety of Acacia.
A year later I was on another volunteer trip to Nicaragua. One of our co-workers was an expert on native trees of Nicaragua. He immediately identified it as Genizaro, a variety of Monkeypod.
But even that name has other connections:
Genízaro - Wikipedia
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