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Wood ID

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I don't know if the pictures do justice but I'm trying to put a name to this wood type. It's from my barn dating to 1932. I'm sure it's not pine, color and smell are wrong
Thanks, Chris


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Barnwood from Michigan in 1932?
+1 local species.

Since you mention pine, will assume it's soft?
What is density?
Could be one of the soft maples, silver and big leaf tend to have darker beige/brown tones. Might also be basswood/linden, elm, chestnut, or even willow if property had creek running though it. Close up picture of polished end grain will help differentiate the possibilities.

Willow can be easy to determine, as it has a distinctive smell when wet; often called cat piss, or a moldy urine odor.

FWIW - "Pine" from 1932 would most likely be old growth, which has higher density, hardness, with tighter rings of early/late wood. Managed softwood forests were not started in USA till 1940's. Softwood species like pine/hemlock/spruce; also tend to have strong amber color with age/oxidation, thanks to rosin content. I do not see any of these properties in the flat sawn pics shown?

Best Luck.
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1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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