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Well, while cruising craigslist I came across an interesting post in materials. Apparently a guy was giving away some air dried pecan because he was moving out of that state. The pictures showed a burl and some slabs; but he was an hour away. I decided to make contact and see what he really had. He claimed it was enough to take a couple of trips with a half ton pick-up. I was skeptical, but decided to check it out. I also ropped my friend Jeremy Grubbs ( into bringing his closed in trailer….

I might have underestimated how much Pecan there was…

This was less than a third of what we hauled:
Hood Trunk Automotive exterior Bumper Wood

A top down view:
Wood Wood stain Floor Flooring Rectangle

With MORE in the CAB:
Chair Wood Vehicle door Car seat cover Car seat

An idea of scale (Some of the boards were over 8 feet long!):
Gesture Wood Flash photography Trunk Art

Wood Artifact Composite material Gas Flooring

My Total Haul:
Wood Smile Workwear Gas Engineering

Here's the impressive thing. We were the second group of people to get there. Apparently the first group (a husband and wife duo from 3 hours away) grabbed all the stuff that was milled as if it were for one of the big box stores. I shudder to think what they managed to drive away with. But they only brought a pickup and couldn't haul it all… There loss, my gain!

Now, I left quite a bit with Jeremy. I am not setup to resaw burls, but he is. He's already told me if I want more all I have to do is stop by! We left Houston Friday around 5, and I didn't finish unloading at my place until MIDNIGHT!

A final note, in case James sees this (the guy giving away the Pecan), you did a GREAT JOB slabbing with a chain saw, truely impressive.

Now, what am I going to build with all of this?!

P.S. Does anyone else have trouble loading pictures? Rather than appearing where the cursor is placed it appears at the top of my entry! Truely Annoying!


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Let me know if your buddy wants to get rid of the burl he got, I can give it a good home. Nice score.
Congrats on the great score! I've scanned the 'Materials' listings in local CL, but there's only ads for cork and bamboo flooring. There's nothing more satisfying than a ride home with nice truckload of just-found lumber!
Thanks guys. I don't know who was more excited, me or my wife! She's a woodworker too, so it might be a race to see who can use it!
Great score…I like working pecan… is spectacular - a beatiful grain patter and it finishes perfectly…..those figured boards…WOW….and burl too….I'd call that a true gloat.
Scoundrel! There are some wiiiiiiide pieces in there. Congrats!
Now, the eternal debate begins… desk, table, sideboard, kitchen cabinets? Oh the choices?!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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