Woodcraft - Customer Service (Rating: 5)

This is just to share a positive customer service experience. I know these days good customer service is often hit or miss. That said, I purchased the shop stool pictured above, over 2 years ago. Recently, while reaching down to pick something up, while still seated, I caused the seat to crack. The chair is rated for about 330 lbs. and while I am well below that weight, I was putting a lot of stress on an edge of the seat as I reached down.

I called Woodcraft with the intention of simply asking if they could do anything for me (nothing ventured, nothing gained) and, if not, do they have a source where I might get a replacement seat. I was transferred to the tech department and came clean with the fellow, explaining when I made the purchase, that it was an in-store purchase and exactly what happened. In short, he said he had a spare seat and would ship it to me. Done deal!

I have been doing business with Woodcraft both in-store and online for years and have been fortunate to never have a bad experience.