Wixey - WR525 Remote Digital Readout (Rating: 5)

This is a great addition for your drill press.

I first came across the wixey digital readout in an article in Woodsmith December 2008 No. 180 issue, and saved it in my drill press file. Then after agonizing over set ups for months I finally decided to buy the unit. The article does provide some basic ideas to attach components to you drill press.

I have had it for several years and it has worked great. The only problem I had was operator error! The battery drains if you forget to turn it off. The unit does 'shut off after six hours', but I have learned to shut it off manually if not expecting to use in the short term.

Adapting it to your drill press requires making a couple of wooden brackets for mounting to your specific drill press, but the little time required for this will save a lot of time in the long run and perhaps even prevent the possibility of making a scrap part.

When using the digital read out for drills, the 'drill point length' must be taken into account. For general purposes (like woodworking) the 'Champion Screw' chart (Link Below) can be used for a quick calculation to determine the length of the drill point. The standard off the shelf drill point is a 118o included angle. Therefore if your drill is ½" (.500) diameter and the depth of the hole required is ¾" (.750), multiply .3 x .500 = .150 drill point height. Adding .150 & .750 = .900 total depth to drill. So, touch the tip of the drill to the starting surface of the hole, hit 'zero' on the display module, then proceed to .900 reading on the display. The full ½" diameter hole depth will be ¾" (.750) deep.

Note: .500 is the decimal equivalent of ½ inch, and is read as '500 thousandths.'

(Comment: If you required an exact drill point height, then a Trigonometry calculation would have to be made. One would do this in a machine shop environment where close tolerances are much more demanding.)

The photo with the large diameter (Red) Forstner bit shows an operation that required a consistent .625 deep counter bore into the work piece. In this application I added .625 (Finish Depth) + .006 (Double sided tape thickness) + .535 (Template/Bit Guide) to arrive at 1.166 total depth from the surface of the template. Since there was some height variation from one tea light candle holder to another, the digital readout insured a accurate and consistent hole depth in every candle holder.

As a woodworker, I require accuracy in my work and the Wixey gives me that. I can now adjust the depth of various types of drill press tools quickly and know it is right.

The large digital numbers and having both inch and metric scales, makes using this device easy. Fitting the unit to my drill press was straight forward and fairly painless.

Very useful, eliminates having to measure and verify heights. The decimal reading is in .001" (one thousandth of an inch) increments.

Simple push button operation; zero it out, determine your scale, and read the measurement. Also, the access panel for battery replacement is simple.

Easy Inch/Metric system conversion. With a quick push of a button you can switch back and forth between measuring systems.

The unit is well made, easy to use and a real time saver. The components were all solidly constructed with smooth moving parts.

Note: The exploded view from the Woodsmith article of the drill press set up
Can be viewed in one of the attached photos.

Wixey: http://www.wixey.com/remote/index.html

Tea Light Candle Manufacturing Operation: http://lumberjocks.com/projects/90104

Champion Screw Drill Point Lengths: http://www.championscrew.com/drill_point_lengths.htm