Wixey - WR700 Saw Fence Digital Readout (Rating: 1)

I was super excited when I got this at Rockler a couple weeks ago. They had a great sale spend $100 get $30 off and I thought this would be the perfect little add on to my newly restore G1023.

So today I finally decided to put this slick little sucker onto my TS. Instructions are not what I like but they are easy enough to figure out. I drilled hold in my tubes got the rails of the DRO connected. Then went to attach the hangers to the DRO Rails and, well nothing as in it wouldn't tighten down tight. I tried all 4 tightening by hand but none of them would get tightened and stay that way. As soon as I got them tightened down they would pop right back out.

Why in the hell do companies make a really nice product then ruid it with a chincy bolt?? Each of the four bolts that hold the brackets onto the DRO rail were stripped. Yep the fancy damn bolts that fit into the channel so they can slide into the correct spot were all stripped within seconds of attempting to install them. Worst part is they are not something I could go pick up at Ace Hardware they are pretty specific for this application.

Other than that the system is really cool. Much more accurate than anything else that isn't made by Incra. Which now looks like my best option.

Oh well I will return it to Rockler tomorrow and get my Incra setup with my G1023.