Wixey - Digital Planer Readout with Fractions Model 510 (Rating: 5)

This morning I decided to start my time in the shop by installing this new Wixey Digital Planer Readout. It was very easy to install, although I do recommend a helping hand. It will make setting the leveling screw go much quicker. It took an hour to install from start to finish, mainly because I was the only one around and trying to set and tighten the leveling screw while checking for level was difficult to do with one pair of hands. Besides that, it was a breeze to install and I was amazed at what it did to my planer. It turned it from a pretty good planer into a super accurate planer.

I installed this on a Ridgid R4330 13" planer. The planer has quick stops that I never could get to be accurate. Thanks to Wixey, I can actually use these and it will be exactly what it says.

Here is what the Wixey came with and what I used to install it, plus a wrench for tightening the leveling screw:

Instructions say to first set the planer to any of the quick stops and remove the existing measuring point from planer. I set mine to the 1/8" stop.

It says to install a leveling screw so that the foot of the gauge is level with the planer bed

Once it's level, remove the cover from tape and stick to side

Replace stock ruler marker with bracket for attaching to wixey gauge

Attach that bracket to the side of the wixey gauge but don't tighten screw yet

Adjust the gauge so that the top is level with the measurement of the quick stop, 1/8 for me and then tigthen the bracket screws that connect the planer head to the gauge.

It then says to plane a piece of wood so that it actually takes wood off, I used a piece thicker than 1/8, but it doesn't matter and says its ok. Once the piece planed is flat, do not change the cutter height. Switch the gauge to INC mode and pull the spring gauge up. Slide the wood over the foot leveled in the beginning and drop the spring loaded gauge back onto the wood. It should equal zero, which it did.

From here you can either measure wood by just putting a piece of wood under the spring loaded gauge, take off precise amounts of wood once its measured under the gauge, or just get and accurate planer height adjustment. I think its great and I would recommend this to anyone. The instructions include 4 pictures for each step. One is for Most Planers, two are usually for Dewalt specific models, and the last is either another Dewalt model or Some Other Models. The gauge attaches to the planer over the current measuring gauge via strong adhesive backed tape. However it also comes with screws and a 40mm drill bit for permanent attachment which I may do if I don't find that the tape holds. It seems to be very strong tape though.

So, with that, I give this 5 stars :)