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WIN a trip to my shop, and get published!

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As most know, I am with Canadian Home Workshop Magazine, and as of yesterday we together launched a contest called "Weekend In The Workshop".

Essentially, you come up with an idea and plan for a weekend project and submit it. There will be a voting process, and the winning entry will win a trip to my shop (airfare, hotel, car rental, etc) where we will build your project together. In addition to the two days of one-on-one with me, I will help turn your project into an article for the magazine….you get to see what it's like being followed around by a camera while making sawdust :)

Details: Details and entry here!
This is for hobbiests of all skill levels, so don't worry if you are just a beginner…I'm there to help.

ETA Sorry guys, only open to Canadians :(

I hope you guys come up with some cool ideas!

Ryan Shervill
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Hi Ryan

I take it that this is only for us and canadian LJ's only mind you i would love a trip to canada lol…..
Well I'm Canadian by birth. Does that count?
I can spell Canada! Can I start packing?
I can see Canada from my job. I even have some Canadian coins.
I've been to Canada numerous times and can even speak Canadian heh?
I've been to Quebec. Is that part of Canada, or it's own country? Most of my car was made in Canada also.
Since I live in Florida and put up with your Grandmas passing off your deflated coins and driving 20mph in a 60mph zone for years….I'll submit that legally I'm entitled to enter.

However, I WILL NOT accept my prize from the Queen…or Don Cherry.
eh whats the deal no south of the border folks.
Mrs. Rustic's father lives in Canada
Canada….Canada….what part of Texas is that in??
Quebec has never been part of Canada….See: I surrender…............
Yes! I have the perfect idea, I'm entering!
Does being married to a Canadian move me to the top of the list? Just kidding. Hope this project goes well for your magazine and the "winner"
You should also read the fine print re this contest if you ever want to submit your project elsewhere or even post it on the web.

I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but this seems a bit out of place here on a "sponsored website".

*Finalists must consent to the use of their projects, photographs, names, places of residence, likeness and voice without compensation, in print, radio, online or televised publicity or promotion relating to the contest.

And from the site owners this:

9.2. All the items on Transcontinental Media's Internet sites (including, without limitation, the texts, articles, photographs, images, illustrations, audio and video excerpts, software, etc.) are protected by copyright and belong to Transcontinental Media or third parties acting as content providers. Except for certain clearly stated exceptions, no items on Transcontinental Media's Internet sites must be interpreted as giving you any right whatsoever with regard to the intellectual property of Transcontinental Media or of a third party acting as a content provider.

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That's it…no more Canadien bacon for me and I'll never watch another Jim Carrey movie!
Ummmmmm….Bob? Exactly how is that raining on anyones parade? I'm giving my fellow LJ's a chance to win a $5,000.00 prize that they might otherwise not know about. There is no entry fee, there is no need to join anything, heck, you don't even need to be a subscriber….it's just a chance to win :) I don't get where the sponsored site comes in…..just my posting it here increases search engine hits for THIS site. My one project here (for a contest) has generated about 100,000 "hits"...should I be charging Martin? :-D

Some people are just waaaay to suspicious :)

A: They are not posting a "project", they are pitching a "concept".
B: The remaining legal jargon is standard with ANY contest and ANY published magazine article…..including the one I won here ;)
C: Part of the prize is to have the story published….in the magazine…and on the magazines website…..what exactly is the point if a competing magazine could lift it off the 'net and publish it as their own?

I mean…could you imagine if the winning entry didn't want their project built/published/announced?
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I suppose you can rationalize just about anything when you feel justified.

Ryan, I suggest you read the posting rules here before you make any accusations regarding being"suspicious".

They are right above the posting area.

I'm betting you DO want to rain on peoples parades :)

I know the rules Bob, I'm hardly "new" here.

Martin has my email, if there is an issue I'm sure he'll get a hold of me. But thanks for keeping an eye on things in the forums…..we should make you an official moderator. :)
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