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Will this wood be ok for anything ?

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I have a few logs that were cut 2 years ago from a White Oak tree that blew over. The logs have been sitting in the shop in the dry. This week I picked up a new band saw and this log was the first thing I cut up with it.

So will this be worth hanging onto or should I just toss it in the burn pile ??
Thanks for looking. Sorry about the crappy phone photos.
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I'm sure you could find a use for it I would hang on to it.
You bet it's good for something. That spalting looks fantastic. I'm thinking pen blanks or a vase… do you have a lathe? What are the dimensions? If you don't have a lathe, maybe you can slice it really thin to make some very nice veneers.
No lathe here ! (Yet) But I have about 15-20 logs that are from 18" - 48" long. I guess I will saw some more of it up.
How thick are they? It might be a good idea to slice them into boards, stack and sticker them, put some weight on top to keep them from twisting, and let them dry out for a month or so. That wood can make some really nice boxes an other stuff. In the mean time if you can get hold of a lathe it would be best to practice on scrap wood before trying to turn those. They're too nice to practice on. I'd be real interested in seeing what you do with that wood.

I did a quick search of google images for "spalted white oak" and there's some pretty interesting stuff being done with it…
The logs are from 8" - 12" round. That one that I cut up when I got it square it was 5 1/2" Sq.

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Yeah, like that :)

You might want to save a couple of bowl blanks if you plan on getting a lathe anytime soon. That's some great looking wood.
very nice spalting that can make all kinds of neat boxes, chest, very nice wood
Very nice. Hard to get it to do that on purpose. That is serendipity.
Wow.. that's amazing spalting.. and in White Oak.. what a find!!! fi you do not want it.. I'll take it!!
I have quite a bit of this tree, This is just a small limb, the tree at the base is over 5' thick. The tree is still in place and I have planes of getting some of it to a saw mill and have some large boards made up. Time will tell, just have to get it cut and loaded up. I will try to get some photos next time on the property.
I have never seen white oak spalt.. and I am not a fan of spalt, but many are and sometimes the work is magnificent.
Others less.

Keep it and start dreaming, search around here for some ideas on what floats your boat.

Remember it can not do structural work.
I think spalted wood is really cool looking stuff but have heard it cant be a pain to work with. I bought some recently and havent done a whole lot with it yet but plan to.
Beautiful spalting! If it's punky, stabilize it and you'll be set!
The burn pile, what the hey? Send it to me, I'll gladly dispose of it.
If you can't use it, sell it! it's a good find.
I would take it in a heartbeat. I love old oak logs. I take all I can get.
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