Delta - 36-5000 (Rating: 5)

Ok. I apologize for the Bostonian title. It won't happen again. Lol!

So after about 6 months of research, looking at saws by going to tool dealers, Craigslist post, consignment shops and so on… I settled on the 36-725. My wife figured out the saw I wanted and got me the 36-5000! She figured it was better and I wasn't about to argue.

So on to the review:
There's not much more that I can say that hasn't already been said about the 36-725. Differences are that the rails are one piece and the motor is 15 amps.
I've been a prototype machinist for 20 years, and I'm very picky about my machines, especially their tolerances. Once assembled I checked the alignment to the blade and t-slot with a dial indicator and it was only out .003 of an inch. (Thickness of a human hair.) And the fence to the same slot was out .007 tapering away from the blade, which I'm very happy with. That much taper is better than none. (I wouldn't want anything more than .015) Because, I don't want my part binding on the blade. The stock miter gauge is really good. I kinda feel bad that I had already had the Incra gauge before I got the saw.

On to the Cons:
The riving knife is a pain in the ass to remove and install. Maybe it's just something that I'm doing wrong? But I find it to be very clumsy.
The saw rolls nice, but because of the 2 fixed and one swivel wheels, it's hard to fit it in a tight spot against the wall.
Changing the blade is a puzzle too because of the blade shroud.

This saw is great! Even despite it's little nuances, which every saw has. And even though it's over $900, there's not really a better saw in that range. Yes, a Grizzly is just under 700, but after shipping, and casters you'll end up spending the same for a saw with a fence and miter gauge that's not as good as the Delta.

And one last thing. Get a good blade for it. The stock one is garbage. And the instructions say to install the swivel wheel on the right. DON'T! Put it on the left. It'll be far easier to get to.