Shop Fox - W 1240 (Rating: 1)

I purchased a W 1740 12 inch drum sander about three years ago. I have had nothing but trouble with this machine. It has plastic gears in the belt dtrive and I have had to replace that once already. Yesterday while out using the sander again, only used on small projects, the gear again stripped out. I contacted Shopfox technical support to order a new gear again and was told that part is no longer available. They have made a replaacement part (obviously because the one they had was causing so many problems) and I have to replace the complete unit, motor and all to the tune of $254.00. I was advised I was just out of luck, either buy the complete unit or do without a sander. Did I also mention that the on off switch broke on it also. If you are looking at purchasing a Shopfox do your research and buy another brand.