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Who wears a shop apron?

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Hey Guys,

So I'm hoping to get a little input from those of you that have a little more experience than myself. I'm making a shop apron for a friend to give as part of a wedding gift but am not really sure what features I should build into it for him. Since it's a surprise I can't exactly ask and I'm really not experience enough in the shop to know what is practical

I made the apron seen below for myself and like it but am wondering what things a more seasoned craftsman looks for. Half the time I'm just shoving in my digital calipers, a pencil, a pocket square

I guess most basically:

  • What tools do you keep in your apron?
  • What kind of strap, or retention system do you like?

Thanks so much for your help guys!

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Alistair,I thought about buying a leather apron but I remember when I wore a welding jacket at work it was a nightmare in Summer time,too thick and heavy,I wonder if an apron would feel the same,other than that I like the feel/toughness of leather.
@charles, That Duluth Trading Co. apron has a really similar strap system to what I was thinking of using. I was looking my dog's harness and thinking "hmmm…I think I could use this design for the apron straps". Duluth beat me to it but is still a little different. The method I have in mind will still allow for the use of leather and copper rivets but will keep the weight off the neck and still be adjustable. I'll post the photos when I finish it.

I thought about doing a leather apron but decided against it since I thought it might be a little too warm in the summer.

Thanks guys!!!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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