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who does your web site hosting

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I've started looking for a web site hosting company. I used to use godaddy and never had an issue. I stopped simply because wordpress was free and fit the bill at the time.

Now I want to go back to more control and the ability to advertise. In looking I quickly found the adds to be miss leading. I would like to keep it under or at least around $10 a month.

I'm looking for recommendations.

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I don't use wordpress, but I think these 2 are pretty reputable (I use webfaction for other stuff and am very happy). I'm not sure how non-techie friendly they are, but they're both under $10/mo.
I use bluehost for two of mine, and I use arvixe for my 3rd. I have a windows hosting account with Arvixe to host one of mine, as I wanted to use instead of just php/html with bluehost

I don't remember exactly what the monthly rate is, as I usually pay for 2 years up front (gets the per month rate lower.)

If you're not wanting to do your own web coding, weebly has a decent set up going, both free and otherwise
Don, are you looking to buy or sell advertising?
My wife use's Other peoples pixels, and she likes it.

$16 a month tho. Comes with your own domain.
Been using Hostgator for years, no complaints.
I had a moment of weakness and signed up at godaddy.

I used them before and it was ok. Its still just something to play around with. still under construction of course.

Thanks for the help.
I use my local which costs me 80$ per year plus domain. If interested I can ask if they do international.
Godaddy seems ok so far. We'll see how it goes.
I've been using for years. I've around 30 domains/subdomains hosted there and rarely have problems.

I pay $10/month for hosting (all sites) and $10/year for registration of each separate domain and have unlimited storage space and bandwidth.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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