Whiteside - Inlay Kit (Rating: 5)

I could not be more satisfied with this inlay kit from Whiteside. I have read the complaints about other brands, how they are tough to center. Rest assured, the Whiteside comes with a 1/4" centering pin. The bit is a standard 1/4" shank - no reducer sleeve to mess with. The bit is a solid carbide down spiral cutter. It is sharp and cuts cleanly in oak and walnut. The bit also comes with a protective case - a nice touch.
I have read reviews of other brands that the removable bushing is too tight or ill-fitting - not with the Whiteside- it has a good snug fit but not too tight. And how did the inlay fit? Perfectly.
Squaring the inside corners of a butterfly inlay with a chisel takes only a moment. Then lightly glue and tap into place.
I used a clear plastic template for the butterfly pattern (not included with the Whiteside kit)