Whiteside - Router Bits (Rating: 5)

I expect good customer service when I am trying to buy something from a company but this week I dealt with two companies that went above and beyond anything I could ask for.
I was looking for a particular router bit and couldn't find it locally and if they ordered it they told me to expect up to a two week wait. I found the bit I was looking for on Whiteside's website but a notation in their catalog said it was not for the use I intended. I called Whiteside to find out why and was told the tech guy was out in the shop and would call me back. We've all been there, waiting and waiting for a return call but in less than 10 min. I got a call from Todd the tech guy! He explaned why they didn't recommend the bit for what I wanted to use it for, tolerances for that bit were +/- 1 degree and being 1 degree off would be a problem for me. He then said he would go out in the shop and check inventory and find one that was right on. He asked me which distributor I intended to buy it through and he told me to have him put "Qualify through Todd" on the order and he would have my router bit sitting on his desk!
I called Woodworkersworld.net and talked to Alan, told him my situation, he asked if Todd had the bit yet and I told him he was out in the shop as we spoke.
Alan called Todd, gave him my shipping information so he could ship it directly to me and this afternoon when I got home, less than 72 hours after my first conversation with Whiteside, I've got my hand picked router bit in my hands! Now thats customer service!
Of course Fine Woodworking and just about everybody else has nothing but praise for Whiteside bits and Woodworkersworld.net sells nothing but Whiteside bits, at the lowest prices I could find by the way, I'm sure you can guess what brand and which distributor I will be buying my router bits from.