Whiteside - Router Bits (Rating: 5)

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I have a good number of router bits for different purposes that I have accumulated over the years…some good and some not so good. I have been looking at this spiral combo bit from Whiteside for a while…hoping it would go on sale…but it never seemed to…so and finally decided to buy it. I have given it a good workout before writing this review because it is not my everyday bit and isn't cheap at $149.
I've used it in my router table and also with a handheld router.
All I can say is WOW, it is worth every penny because it does make some extremely clean cuts on woods that have given me a lot of grief in the past. Zebrawood, Wenge and a few others normally love to splinter and chip with most bits when I go on that certain neverland direction across the grain. A lot of sanding is involved afterwards to make things right.
I have other up cut, down cut and spiral compression bits that are great but they didn't have the upper and lower bearings that this one does. The 7/8" diameter of the bits also keeps the cuts chatter free and smooth as silk.

Glad I bought it.