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Where's Rod Serling when you need him?

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I'm in the habit of photographing old tools which have followed me home. I recently came across a few from last fall, and thought I'd share the story behind them.

I drove to a local garage sale. I'm really an estate sale guy; I hardly ever hit the garage sales, as they seem to have everything but tools, but the pickings were slim that day.

Summer was a distant memory and you could smell fall in the air. An elderly woman sat at a folding card table just outside the garage.
We exchanged inane banter for a few seconds, then I heard myself say: "I suppose all the good stuff's gone, right?"
"Oh, I wouldn't say that," she answered, "I'm sure we sure we have something with your name on it."

I strolled into the long, narrow garage and started to poke around. Nothing here for me, I thought. Then I spied the tip of a plane handle poking out from a basket under an old kitchen table. I dragged it out and fished out a Stanley #4, then a #5.
Nothing special really, but in good shape, save for a repair to the rear handle on the #4. We settled on $10.00 for both.

Back home, later that night, I picked them up to have a closer look. That's when I saw that someone had stamped three letters on the top of each iron-"JAB"-the owner's initials, most likely.

That's when the old woman's words came back to me-"I'm sure we sure we have something with your name on it."
You see, those are my initials.

Wood Hardwood Table Varnish Tool

Wood Font Gas Tints and shades Household hardware

Wood Table Smoothing plane Hardwood Hand tool

Wood Font Gas Tints and shades Stonemason's hammer


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OMG, OMG… those are my father's initials too, Doc!!!
That's great.

doooo doooo dooo doooo…

I have not seen lettering dies like that. The font is great.
They are now yours… in name and property…
Very cool Doc. Do you plan on trying to find out more about the original owner or would that ruin it?
Good question, Tim

Honestly, it never occurred to me to pursue it-don't know that it would ruin anything, but not sure what the information would do for me either.
I've got a few tool chests from 3 generations of carpenters in a nearby city. They built some of the now historic stuff there. Sometimes people talk about wondering about the craftsman that used the tools and I wonder if finding out they were a wife beater or worse would ruin the image of a golden age craftsman doing the work for the love of quality that I've seen it get built into sometimes.

I didn't ask a lot of questions in that case either, because, like you, I wasn't sure what difference it would make, but it does make me curious sometimes when I use the tools.
Great story well told, Doc! I bet you hair stood up on your neck with you realized this!
That's a keeper.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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