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Where to source a 2nd hand belt driven contractor table saw

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Hi all,

I'm currently located in the Philippines and I'm finding it hard to find a 2nd hand belt driven saw that I could ship into the country. I don't have a big budget but I'd like to hear what you guys think. I was thinking of getting one from Ebay but the only problem is that they don't ship table saws to my country (which is extremely heart breaking). I'm new at this craft but I'd like to eventually earn through this craft as I find it very challenging and extremely delightful. HELP!!!

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I can't give you much help. Dealing with Customs in most countries is tough. There are a couple other members of LJs in the Philippines. Maybe contact them and see what they recommend.
Thanks Monte…I'm still on the look out for a good deal. I'll try to search out LJ members that are local and who could give some sourcing advice. Tnx for the time.
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