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Where to go in Pennsylvania for figured lumber and scenery?

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This will be somewhat of a skill share…

We are looking to take a week's vacation and would like to know if anyone has suggestions for locations of retail businesses who sell figured hardwood lumber on the East Coast and my wife wants to look at some crafts and quilts if possible.

She suggested Pennsylvania, and I don't really know much about that area.

Any recommendations or suggestions are appreciated, especially if you live in that area and could give us some info…
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I did a job in State College one year and I loved the drive from there to Lake Raystown. Driving along the mountain side there is a place where you can look down and see this little village down below. The churches, houses and such. Lake Raystown is a great place to go camping. I worked for an outfit based in Harrisburg and have friends in Bethlehem so I also spent some quality time in the Poconos too. Lake Wallenpaupack is a cool place to hang out if you're in that neck of the woods.
I went to Penn State. There are many amish in the Lancaster area.
We bought several quilts in Belleville PA which is about 40 miles east of State College on RT 322 heading towards Harrisburg/Hershey.
Hearne Hardwoods is in Oxford, PA which is south of Lancaster about 45 minutes. You are in the heart of Amish country in that area. Lancaster, Quarryville, and Intercourse are all in that area and full of cool Amish stores. There is a really neat train museum in that area too but can't remember what its called. If you travel about 90 minutes to the east of Oxford you'll be in Philly. The drive to State College is beautiful too.
If your wife gets to go to quilt/craft places.. I think its only fair that you get to stop by the Grizzly HQ
I lived in Lititz, Lancaster County. Wilbur Chocolate, Lancaster Brewery, Lancaster Barnstormers baseball team. Adamstown for antiques, Middletown Lumber is up north from Lancaster and Groff & Groff lumber is south. Its really a great area, enjoy.
Thanks for the input! Looking forward to seeing that part of the world.
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