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Where to buy wood at

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Hi all I'm new around these parts. I was hoping that someone clod tell me where i can buy wood at in or around Cincinnati Ohio. Places like Lowes and Home Depot have very limited selections and what they do have is way to much money. Tia
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+1 for woodfinder. I was surprised by the number of hardwood dealers around me that popped up. One was hiding right in my backyard near the Costco I stalk
If you don't mind shopping online, bellforest and wall lumber are my two favorite sources.
Strangely enough the two place I use in Tampa were not in woodfinder.

I think they have a shop not too far from cincy, I went to the one in Indiana right past Louisville, ky. He's got a ton of stuff, good looking stuff and good prices.
I have also purchased wood from Bonesteel..
Good quality stuff, huge variety, very reasonable prices, the man is a US Army vet from Iraq/Afghanistan…
I can't think of a reason not to buy from him!!

I usually go down with a friend and we fill the truck up with great lumber.
Yea i spent awhile there looking and trying to decide on what i wanted, kept grabbing stuff and putting it in my pile. Was expecting a big bill, when i saw it wasn't i had to get even more haha. I think his name was Roger, real nice guy.
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