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Where do you get your wood?

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I was wondering where folks got the wood for their various projects. Would there be any interest in starting a forum category that was devoted to sources of wood? Obviously, members are scattered about the world (or at least the U.S.), so maybe the headings in this new forum would need to include city and state, to help people scan for relevant content. Just an idea…
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My wood comes from quite a variety of places. When I first got started, I stumbled into nearly 200 BF of free cherry from a friend who was moving. That whetted the apetite for more free wood, which prompted some successful road side salvaging, which I'll still do when the opportunity presents itself. I was also fortunate enough to get quite a bit of maple from work when they were renovating, but they now farm out any salvage to an outside company. I've also bought some salvaged wood from garage sale finds…waterbeds, dressers, tables, etc. A few years back I won 120 Bf of QSWO from that was salvaged from the wine vats from the Widmer Wineries. About two years ago, another friend in his late 70's decided to give up woodworking and gave me some nice cherry, oak, and black walnut boards.

When the freebies run low, I resort to buying mainly rough sawn from local suppliers, but have made roadtrips to the NY/Penn border area for some too. I've also bought a few choice boards from Woodcraft and Pittsford Lumber locally, but it's really pretty expensive that way…guess I've been spoiled by all the free stuff.
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This is how I found my local supplier-

Just enter your zip code and click on search.
When I used this my supplier came up #1 , and I never even knew he was right down the street from me!

Good luck,
That's the one I always recommend Lisa
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