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Where are we all from ??

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I did a search to see if this topic has been done before and did not find one…so forgive me if this has been done already.

I know when we join up we add a little bio about our selves, where we are from etc. But with over 11,000 members now and growing everyday….it is impossible to go and read each and everyone. (Been here for a few months now and still have not gotten through all the projects)

As I read new post and topics everyday, I notice that several different members are from differing countrys….and can tell that English is not their first language by how they type (No insult intended)

So I thought it would be neat to start a topic on where we are from…kind of a "Re-introduce Yourself" topic. You do not have to do a whole new bio…or you can if you wish…and you do not have to be specific as to where you live…(This is the Internet after all)...but maybe just a simple "My name is and I live in (Whatever country and or state).

I did this once on a MMA forum I helped run for a long time…and it was very interesting to see where everyone was from. You get use to reading a persons topics and replies…and kind of forget that members are from all over the world. We had MMA fans from Russia, China, the middle east, Africa etc etc etc.

I will start off (Of course everything is in my Sig) Name is Don, and I live in a little town called McAlester Oklahoma in South East Oklahoma.
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david , aka patron
ojo caliente , new mexico
Snowflake, AZ…or as some refer to it "Snoreflake." We kinda like it slow and quiet.
Gene Howe
Red Bank SC, although my wife won't admit it ;)
Originally from southern California; other locations too numerous to mention, have finally settled in southwest OH.
New Orleans

aka: The Crescent City
aka: The City that Care Forgot
aka: The City That that the Corps of Engineers Forgot
Western edge of the Mojave Desert, California, USA
Originally from San Diego CA, but I've lived all over the Los Angeles area growing up. Now I hang my hat in Bakersfield trying to accept the good and the bad.
Bob- originally from Virginia Beach VA, now a plant manager in Martinsville, VA. So from surfing most of my life and living in a metropolitan area, to a town of 15,000 in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mts, and doing some basic woodworking and turkey hunting.

Its been a change for us but its one I'm growing to like a lot. Was getting too old for the big waves in Hawaii anyway, and have one more to get through college!!
Andy hailing from Dillsburg, PA (20 minutes north of Gettysburg, PA)
Ok I'll be the first ANDY aka Pommy from a little island called ENGLAND with big plans to take over the world
OOOPs tryed that already and failed LOL…........

Dunoon on the banks of the Holy Loch Argyll Scotland
God's Country
were many lovely Americans spent many years her in an American naval submarine base.
Waters her being nice and deep.
kindest regards Alistair
Hey hey Pommy don't confuse our American friends into thinking England is an island !!!!!!!! you know better than that.Too Boot England is a a half part of an island which also includes Wales and Scotland which are seperate countries.LO L sorry can't let you away with that. Alistair l o l
Middletown, OHIO … but have lived all over the US of A
Roseville, Ca near Sacramento

California which used to have the 7th most vibrant economy in the world, taxed to something like 22nd

So England is part of an Island ?
Rosamond, California…over there on the western edge of the Mojave Desert
Rob Yes England is only part of an island just happens to be the biggest part LOL….........

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