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wheel barrow

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You posted a pic of a wheelbarrow you made. Is that your own design or a pattern you have? Would you be willing to share your pattern? Where did you find the wheel? I can design and build a wheel barrow but have no idea how to find a wheel that would make the project price wothy.

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Dave who are you asking this question to?
looks like someone had one to many. LOL
I got an email that show completed projects of one of the members and on his list was a wheelbarro that I would like the pattern too.
Dave who was the member?
This is one of the latter postings of wheelbarrow.

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this may be the one you are looking for
How about the Russell's craft mall inventory? It had wheelbarrows in it.
Blondewood Thank you so much that was awesome. Dave
Thank you Occie gilliam,
That was the one I was looking at.
Thanks again,
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