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Slatwall storage system, homemade, switching from Pegboard.

I started on this shop building project shortly after I retired.

I'd like to show you what I've accomplished so far.

My garage measures 20 X 24 feet, & I wanted to partition out a shop area.
In order to have a shop 8 feet wide, I had to resize my garage door from 12' to 9 '

Notice the car hiding under a warm blanket of snow.

This is the floor plan. I don't get much garage space, but my car sits outside all of time anyhow.
Its used mainly for storage.

I only had a 7' ceiling so I made a vaulted ceiling over the shop area.

I converted the 2×4 rafters to 2×10s by screwing 9 1/2" plywood gussets to 2×4s.

Taking advantage of the vaulted ceiling I added 3 small bubble skylights. I really love those skylights.
Even with their small size, 16" x 16" they give a lot of natural light.

Exterior, showing the skylights.

I got this old natural gas furnace for $25, I have to shut it down when the outdoor temp gets over 50, because the pilot light makes it too warm. You may notice the 2" PVC pipe trap connected to the furnace. I blocked the indoor vents so it draws in combustion air from the outside
I hung it up high for added floor space.

My shop has been in such an awful mess I decided to do some revamping for better tool storage.

I've had pegboard, but have never liked it very much, so I've been looking at whats called Slat wall paneling.

It's pretty expensive though, for a 4X8 sheet close to $200.
This is an example of the store bought panel.

I came up with a poor mans way of doing it.
I made a slat wall out of this pine paneling, I had it in my wood supply.
I had paid $4 a pkg. that covers 14 sq. ft. I think you can get it for about $6 now.

I cut the tongue, & grooves of, & rounded the edge.

I ripped some to 1 1/8" wide furring strips, & this is how it turned out.
I painted the background green for a contrast.

Now I have a couple more walls to do, then I'll start hanging tools.
Your poor mans slat wall looks much nicer than the real thing anyway.
1 - 1 of 307 Posts
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