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Making a Rustic Clock

On #3 of this series I flattened out a slice from a Birch stump. I went on & completed the job today. I also added it to My Projects.
The size is about 25" x 20' x 2 1/2" , & it weighs about 20 pounds. I made the motor cavity larger to lighten it up a little.

_The other day I routed out the backside for the clock motor.

I checked out the motor installation.

Carved some numbers on the face.

I carved a Maple leaf for the pendulum weight.

I hung the clock today.

I stained it with an Ipswitch Pine Stain, & 3 coats of Minwax Polywipe.
Hi Dick;
--yes, I really like this….!

Tis the rustic way of seeing time, that keeps my soul in tune, to the sound of my spirit singing, as I have heard the tick-tock of your beauti-full 'wood art'.

Your rustic inspirations are indeed creations at their best.
1 - 1 of 307 Posts
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