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Slatwall storage system, Homemade, paneled walls are done now.

This is a continuation of #5 in this series.

I have the slat wall paneling completed.

Now how am I going to arrange my tools? I bought the material at Lowes.

It's 5/16" X 3 1/2" X 8'

14 Sq ft. in a package. Other big box stores handle similar products.


This is the last wall, I ripped my boards in half to 1 5/8". I like it better this way. There's more slots for arranging tools. The space between the slats is 5/16". The furring is 1/4" x 1 1/8"

Some of the tools hung, but I suppose I'll be rearranging them as I go along.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Here's the first wall I diid with the wider boards.

I also made a hanging bracket for my pipe clamps.

They used to be all over the place. My other clamps are on the same wall too.

Notice the pile of cut pieces of Brazilian Cherry flooring. I can hardly wait to get stared on my next project. They're all cut to the proper length already.


I bought these glass reinforced nylon hooks from,

They were about 1/3 the cost of steel, but they're plenty strong enough.


I made some brackets for heavier things by epoxying the nylon to some flooring.

Good for hanging my handscrew clamps

Now if I can get rid of all of the clutter I've accumulated over the years, I'll be all fixed up.
Makes my nails driven everywhere with stuff hanging on them seem outclassed :)
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