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What we do when I am not making sawdust.

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Thought you folks might enjoy some pics of TLOML putting up some canned salmon after a few days of dip netting. We got back yesterday from the Kasilof River with 26 red (sockeye) salmon and put up 43 packages of frozen filets and opted to can the rest for salmon patties, salmon loaf and sandwiches. We often use it like tuna fish, making salmon salad sandwiches. It is great right out of the jar as well.

We are allowed, as residents to dipnet salmon for personal use and it is a great Alaskan tradition. We stand in chest deep water in chest waders fighting currents and tide and cold waiting for the reds to start their upstream migration. When they come in it can get crazy, barely getting your net back in the water before you have another. It is a great experience.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


A canner full of salmon.

TLOML taking the freshly canned salmon out.

A happy girl with her canned salmon.

16 pints of red salmon ready for the pantry.

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this isn't one of those fish tales , is it ?
great catch ,
i can almost taste it , mmm. good !
Nothing Better then Fishing when you not working on wood
Hay is that a Wood Countertop
oooh…my grandfather was a dory (dorie?) fisherman on the Kenai River…my mom, aunt and uncles all helped in the 30's-60's (?)...

Looks like great fun…sounds like it toooo….

That counter is from a rare material called waswood. It was was wood at one time, now it is granules of wood re-glued and topped with a cheesy photo laminate. It is high on my list of replacements for the house.

Hi Mart,
Sound fishy to me!
Seriously, you seem talented in several hobbies.
Have a good one.
Cool pics.

What time do we eat?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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