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What type of plane is this? I am unsure....

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Picked this up at a sale a couple days ago. The sale was for a long-time car dealer that started back in the 20s/30s and closed shop about 10 years ago or so. Unsure if this happens to deal with automobiles in any way, or just something that happened to be there. Any info is greatly appreciated, as I know nothing on the piece. Only reason I bought it is cause I have never seen one like it, and thought it was pretty cool looking. I don't see any name on it anywhere, though certainly appears handmade, good quality though. Only thing I can figure is that there is a place to two pieces of wood to go into the base and be clamped down with the eye-bolts, for making to identical pieces. Once again, any help is greatly appreciated, what is it, appx. age, anything? Thanks.
(sorry, the below pix got cut off a bit, too big perhaps, let me know if you need more and I can email them)

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an old one.

but seriously - looks like a skewed jointer plane, with an attachment fence to keep it square. the skew helps it slice thought the wood as opposed to shave it.
Looks like it was made to cut half-lap joints? or flip to make tenons? Maybe it would be used to "mass produce" furniture components.

Throw some wood in there and see what comes out!
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