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What to look for when buying a biesemeyer fence?

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Hello all!
I have an opportunity to buy a used biesemeyer fence and wanted to know if there any trouble spots I should look out for.
Many thanks in advance
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They are great. Bisemeyer brand or not, a strong T-square style fence on the TS really helps.
If it is spent it will be obvious you may want to check with a straight edge and the glides.

And inspect the parallel adjusting screws for integrity

What length fence and are the rails included?

You'll never need another fence with normal use that is

Enjoy the journey!
Well, I picked it up tonight, hooray!
It's a 41" head with an 84" rail. Didn't have a straight edge with me but the whole thing seems pretty straight and clean. Glided across with no binding. Guy did put a piece of Formica laminate on faces so there's no clearance to table. I'm happy with a purchase and can start working on my mobile workstation finally.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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