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what to do with ipe

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A neighbor recently gave me 6 6×32" pieces of what he saysv is Brazilian walnut (ipe). Also is a 4×4 about 4 feet long and a 28 gallon tub full of 6-10" long cut off pieces from building his deck. Any ideas on what I can do with this wood? From everything I have read this stuff is tough to finish. ...hard to cut…hard to glue…sounds like a pain in the ass to work with…but sure is pretty to look at. I'd rather not just waste it (he wanted me to throw it in my fire pit) any suggestions or tips for working this wood will be greatly appreciated
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I don't have any idea what IPE is.However I was given aload of hardwood cutt offs of decking.It was quite unusual stuff,that is from the decking they normally sell,It came in lengths of about thirty six inches long,by about four inches wide, by one and a half thick all aproximately.
I ran it all through the thicknesser and ended up with some really sturdy nice wooden boards .
I eventually found an old church bookcase in an antique book of furniture .
It is an open type with trough mortices which are pinned with wedges which are also wood (like a knock down design).
It has pointed sides like a church spire at the both sides it turned out great and was quickly snapped up by my eldest son.I hope this has given you some inspiration or helped in some small way, have fun and make something nice. Alistair
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