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what to do with ipe

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A neighbor recently gave me 6 6×32" pieces of what he saysv is Brazilian walnut (ipe). Also is a 4×4 about 4 feet long and a 28 gallon tub full of 6-10" long cut off pieces from building his deck. Any ideas on what I can do with this wood? From everything I have read this stuff is tough to finish. ...hard to cut…hard to glue…sounds like a pain in the ass to work with…but sure is pretty to look at. I'd rather not just waste it (he wanted me to throw it in my fire pit) any suggestions or tips for working this wood will be greatly appreciated
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When I first saw the title of this topic I thought it read, "What to do with pie".

Looks like everyone else already gave good answers regarding the real question but if anyone is uncertain about appropriate uses for pie, just send the pastries along to me and I'll take care of the problem.
Some people report problems gluing ipe, some don't. One possible issue could be that the name "ipe" is used for several species of wood and isn't actually a species of its own. This could be why glue works for some people then fails for another.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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