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What to do with a 200 year old piece of wood?

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This is a piece of flue is from a 200 year old grain mill that my great great great grandfather ownedcrazy?nt to use it as the body of a Mission-style lamp but I'm afraid doing anything to it (sand, drill, varnish, etc) will diminish the value. Should I find a way to construct the lamp without "harming" this wood or am I being crazy?
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The only real value that it has is sentimental value to you. You should be able to use it as the body of a lamp without doing anything to it. Use a long lamp pipe with nuts to hold top and base on to it, you could use L brackets attached to the top and base to keep it centered. You would have a piece to pass down with some family history and definitely some great sentimental value.
Thanks Bruce, we're on the same wavelength with the construction. This will be my first attempt at building a lamp so you may see other questions from me once I start on this project.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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