Fox Chapel Publishing - Special Planes with Jim KingShott (Rating: 5)

I've been going through my woodworking videos and rewatching them while I work out on the exercise bike. This one by Jim Kingshott is a wonderful video that takes you through the use of almost every specialty plane you could encounter. This video complements his bench plane video that I reviewed previously.

I own most of the handplane related videos on the market other than ones by Rob Cosman. For some reason, I do not own a single video from Rob. I guess have a similar reaction to Rob that some folks have for Chris Schwarz. I need to get over it. :)

If your a hand tool wood worker, I would say that this is a must own video. Jim has over 50 years of experience as a woodworker and comes from a long line of woodworkers. He is full of knowledge about how to use all of these planes and he covers a ton of them.

  • rebate planes
  • grooving planes
  • molding planes
  • hollows and rounds
  • filisters
  • compass planes
  • spoke shaves
  • shoulder planes
  • miter planes
  • japanese planes

The interesting thing is that he does not just demonstrate one of each type. He has a number of them and contrasts them. For example when describing compass planes he shows a metal one that would be pretty familair to every one but then pulls out a number of wooden ones and discusses making ones specifically for a given job.

This was filmed about 1995
it is 90 minutes in length

I ordered this from Craftsman Studio.