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What size lumber is this bench made from?

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can someone tell me what size lumber this bench is made from. I'd like to make a bench like it, but don't have enough experience to tell what this is made from ie: 1×4, 1×6, 2×4,2×6. I think it would look great with walnut legs and support beams, with maple arms, seat slats and back slats.

thanks in advance.

this link has the bench..
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which bench are you referring to? if you tried to put a picture into the post - it didn't work. is there a link to the bench you are questioning about? or a picture of it?
Looks like 0/4 to me.
looks like 5/4 mostly (~1 1/8"" thick in it's final size)

Edit… or maybe 6/4

my suggestion for you is, roughly design the piece, and then on paper, try it both with 6/4 and 5/4 and see which one looks better… but this is the approximate size of the lumber roughly.
The overall measurements are given in the description.
Estimate the seat height to be 18".
The board widths appear to be a generous 1" thick.

I zoomed in and used a caliper to take measurements, then calculated the ratios.
Allow for perspective.
thanks folks,,good info..
I would think 5/4 for the thickness of the leg. Probably 4" wide at the bottom
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