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What resaw blade to get?

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I have a Laguna 14|12 bandsaw.
It's working great, but it takes some time when resawing big lumber, and I have concluded that the main issue is that I do not have a resaw blade. My most used blade now is a 16mm wide allround blade.
I have looked at the Laguna Resaw King but I find that to be to expensive (almost 200USD)..

Does anyone know about a good bandsaw blade for resawing?
I'm resawing hardwood (beech) up to

Blad with 6-19 mm = 1/4-3/4"
Blad length 2914-2946 mm
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I got the resaw king blade as a bonus when I bought my 1412 and I really like it a lot. I think if I hadn't gotten it for free I'm not sure I would have coughed up the money. In the past I've used the wood slicer blade from highland woodworking and was always happy with its performance although it dulls somewhat quickly.

I have the 3/4" 2/3 vpc blade. Works very well.

When resawing don't be in a hurry. Let the blade/saw do the work.
I have the Laguna Resaw King. It was worth the money. I think it was only $150 USD 3 years ago and I used a 20% coupon at Rockler.
Lennox Woodmaster-C. It's cheap, weld to length available in various depth, thickness and TPI. It's typically used as a sawmill blade and works quite well in that capacity.
I wouldn't consider beech a wood that qualifies the cost of a Resaw King. One of the most expensive resaw blades on the planet.
I classify the RK blade a jointery blade. If you happen to have a good bandsaw as in great tires,tracks well and perfectly smooth as a Swiss watch then a RK blade will shine.
If your cutting highly valuable wood from " The Tree" a quilted mahogany tree. Every speck is precious the RK blade is the best choice.
I've used the RK blade to saw for bent laminations since I don't have a drum sander and walnut is very expensive the RK blade was a good choice. Set up correctly I get a surface as good or better then my tablesaw on the laminates.
Here is the proof.
Walnut lamination glued right off the saw into the fixture
Wood Building Composite material Hardwood Flooring

Finished chair
Furniture Table Wood Chair Flooring

Good Luck


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Hmm, tempting but NO
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That freight cost is just stupid


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+1 Lennox Woodmaster-C is good resaw blade.

Tek73 Should mention you want band saw blades delivered in Norway!

Bandsaw blades are easy to weld. Many tool and die shops can custom make lengths as needed. My local shop is same or cheaper than online when only buying 1-2 blades, due shipping costs on a couple states away. There are many brands of commercial blade stock. Look for Bahco, Lennox, Wikus, Sterling, Roentgen, and/or Kasco locally. The better blade stocks sold in USA are mfg in Germany.

Suggest you call the Woodmizer: Ask local branch for sources in area. A timber saw will use hundreds of blades a year. Woodmizer will use a wider blade than your saw, but they should be able to tell you what brands of blades are available locally.
Random search also showed Saghuset Hesselberg AS as a DOALL blade supplier in Norway.

Best Luck.
I've been pretty happy with Timberwolf blades but for resaw, I've been using Wood slicer from Highland Woodworking..fairly thin kerf and priced competitively.
I've got a Timberwolf 1/2" (I think 3/4 TPI?) on my 'resaw bandsaw', and at first it cut very well, but it has seemed to dull quickly when used to resaw woods like purpleheart. It's wandering more thank I like. I don't think I'll buy another Timberwolf. Next up is a Starrett Woodpecker Pro bi-metal, but I didn't find much information about it online so I'm thinking about it as an experiment…
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