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I have owned a Craftsman 1hp commercial router for 40 years and it has been a work horse for me. I cuts anything you throw at it. That was when a hp was closer to a hp than it is today. I like it because it has the trigger in the handle and I feel those are safer. When a motor turns 25,000 rpm you don't want to tangle a bit in the front of your T shirt. I have used other Craftsman router and some that I just plain don't want. One has a different base and the lock on the arbor is plastic. It is just not a good router. I have used PC routers. Some are okay with the D handle but not as comfortable as the Craftsman. I don't like routers with 2 knob handles at the base and the toggle switch at the top part of the motor. Those jerk around when you start them. Just a preference like everything else.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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