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I've got that Hitachi M12V in my router table and have been very happy with the performance. Never tried using 1/4" bits in it though so I couldn't comment on your problems with that. This beast is a little heavy for hand work outside of the router table but I have used it that way on a few rare occasions. Only problem I had with it is the handles are a bit fragile. I had to replace one that broke with what I thought was a minor bump. I've been extra careful ever since.

I've got an old Craftsman 1 HP 1/4" router that I use for hand work because it is lighter and easier to manipulate but I've never tried to push this router too hard.

I am looking at the Bosch 2 HP as a possible replacement for the Craftsman because it has a little more oomph and can handle 1/2" bits.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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