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My first was the Hitachi M12VC (2.25hp). So smooth, fairly light, quiet for a router. The plunge base wasn't so great but I always used it as a fixed base.

I really like my Triton 2.25hp for under the table, but hate using it handheld.

The Dewalt 611 compact router is really a gem. I love the visibility and how easy to maneuver the router is. It has excellent plunge action in the plunge base. With the optional dust collection ports it makes less of a mess than it could (though nothing like a Festool). I wish it took 1/2" bits.

Those are my three routers. I do not dare try the Festool routers, because having been bitten by the Festool bug recently I know I would love any one of them.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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